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November 4, 2014

10 Best Restaurants Worth Visiting in Essendon North, Melbourne

Best Restaurants Melbourne

In the Essendon area in Melbourne, restaurants are as diverse as they are many attracting people from surrounding areas and even out of state. Most of these restaurants are award winning too, attesting to the fact that Australian chefs have come into their own as among the world’s best. Sky is the limit on the culinary range of the offerings of these Essendon. They serve authentic Mediterranean dishes, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Italian, and French cooking.  You name it. They have it.

Dining in Essendon can be an exciting and fulfilling experience. Tipping is optional in restaurants in this city but this nonetheless is appreciated if offered. If the diner is pleased with the service and food quality it is customary to leave a tip of 5-10 percent. And excellent food and service the diners almost always get.

Included on the list are some good words about them. If you want to know further about AGFG featured Essendon Restaurants, you may see 10 most viewed below about Best Restaurant in Melbourne Northern Suburbs in Essendon in “most viewed” list.

AGFG or Australian Good Foods and Travel Guide, a comprehensive restaurant accommodation and travel authority, featured 30 Essendon restaurant to visit but only the 10 best restaurants throughout Essendon is listed here with Brickmakers Arms on the fifth.

Here then are 10 of the 30 “most viewed” restaurants in Essendon North, Melbourne:

Omni Restaurant and Café
Image via www.eatatomni.com.au
Omni Restaurant and Café - specializes in Mediterranean food and brings the tantalising flavours of Spain and Italy to the bustling Essendon North. It’s not just the food that is certain to make you come back but also the way they pamper diners like royalty.


Oscar's of Essendon
Image via www.oscarsofessendon.com.au
Oscar's of Essendon - At Oscar’s, the food is refined to an art form.  It offers a dining and drinking experience with a variety of seating options.  Here, the chefs are the main attraction such that the kitchen is visible to dining patrons.  The ambience strikes a balance between a formal and relaxed atmosphere.

Image via www.ameertandoori.com.au
Ameer - has been wooing Essendon locals with traditional Mughlai Indian dishes since 1985. Situated on Leake Street, the award-winning establishment offers a relaxed and homely setting to enjoy crowd favourites such as the creamy butter chicken and spicy rogan josh.



Sliding Doors in Essendon
Image via www.slidingdoorsrestaurant.com
Sliding Doors - This themed restaurant features the Roaring Twenties through an art deco building circa 1928 set on a two-storey structure which combines the dining area, a bar and a luxurious lounge area with a marble fireplace imported from Florence. 


Fine Dining Melbourne
Image via www.brickmakersarms.com.au
Brickmakers Arms - It seats 150 and boasts of al fresco dining, bar, and private romantic dining, this maybe one of the best restaurants in Essendon for fine dining. It has gluten-free and vegetarian options.  The specialty of the house is herb-crumbed Victorian pork cutlet served with parsnip, kipflers, heritage carrots and mustard fruit juice.


Squires Loft Essendon
Image via www.squiresloft.com.au
Squires Loft - specializes in a range of steaks and ribs cooked over a coal-fired grill.  Signature dishes may include pork and beef spare ribs marinated for seven days and then grilled to perfection.


St. Martha’s Café Essendon
Image via @St_Marthas Twitter
St. Martha’s Café - The food selection here is rated 4 stars, as are its service and value for money.  St. Martha’s Café has amazing blueberry hotcakes with cinnamon doughnut that can make your mouth water.  The setting is really relaxed and the service staffs are friendly.


Mexicali Cantina Essendon
Image via www.mexicali.com.au
Mexicali Cantina - All one can say about Mexicali Cantina is that it is a good Mexican restaurant, with vast choices of scrumptious meals.  More important, you get your money’s worth.


Mamma Lina's Essendon
Image via www.mammalinas.com.au
Mamma Lina's - The come-ons at Mamma Lina’s are mixed tapas, warmed mixed olives, Ciabatta bread with garlic-infused oil, truss tomato pulp, oregano and aged manchego, prawn wrapped in kataifi pastry on romesco sauce, chicken and jamon croquettas with chilli jam, patatas bravas with spicy tomato and capsicum salsa.


The Cross Keys Hotel
Image via www.crosskeyshotel.com.au/Bistro
The Cross Keys Hotel - It delights with a modest, warmly inviting charm, intimate tables set, complemented by exposed beams, carpeted floors and mood lighting. You can enjoy their loyalty cards being a Diamond Rewards member inclusive of what they called Diamond Rewards, ask their staff about it.


Visit AGFG list with their best restaurants in Essendon by viewing in different order such as A – Z or Z – A, most viewed and popularity.

Source: http://www.agfg.com.au/guide/vic/melbourne/northern-suburbs/essendon/listings/restaurants-dining/

Best Restaurants in Melbourne - Brickmakers Arms

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